Sunset and Sunrise

Being located only 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Lompico is blessed with some magnificent sunsets. As the sun sets, it bounces sunlight off the Ocean and illuminates the clouds in spectacular reds, yellows, purples and violets. Since Lompico is also located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, it has some great lake side and mountain top spots that are perfect for seeing the sunrise.

Locations in Lompico

Lompico has two great locations for watching the sunset and sunrise. Both are located in the Loch Lomond Lake Park and are perfect spots for relaxing after a hard days work or after your morning run.

  • Our favorite place to watch the sunset and sunrise in Loch Lomond Lake Park is right on the lake side. Here you can pull up a chair and marvel at the beauty of the sunrise or sunset reflecting off the waters of Loch Lomond Lake.
  • Our second favorite spot is from the Loch Lomond Ridge Top. The ridge top is located half a mile up from the Lake and can be found on the Loch Lomond Lake Trail Map.

Locations around Lompico

There are many great places around Lompico for watching the sunset and sunrise, but our favorites are at one of the many local beaches.

  • Capitola Beach
  • Main Beach and Cowell Beach
  • Lighthouse Field State Beach
  • Natural Bridges State Beach
  • New Brighton State Beach
  • Red, White and Blue Beach
  • Seabright State Beach
  • Twin Lakes State Beach