Lompico's weather is characteristic of mountainous coastal terrain. Summer is mild with occasional cool, foggy mornings. Winter brings necessary rain, but is otherwise relatively mild with temperatures ranging from the high 30s in the evening to the 60s during the day. Spring means gradually warming temperatures with occasional moderate rainfall. Annual average temperature during the day is 68 degrees and average annual rainfall is 47.68 inches.

Monthly Average Temperatures

Month Average High Average Low Mean Average Precipitation
January 61°F 36°F 49°F 10.29 in.
February 64°F 39°F 51°F 9.74 in.
March 66°F 40°F 53°F 7.51 in.
April 72°F 41°F 57°F 2.77 in.
May 77°F 45°F 61°F 1.04 in.
June 82°F 48°F 65°F 0.23 in.
July 85°F 50°F 67°F 0.11 in.
August 86°F 50°F 68°F 0.15 in.
September 84°F 48°F 66°F 0.48 in.
October 78°F 44°F 61°F 2.17 in.
November 67°F 38°F 53°F 6.13 in.
December 62°F 35°F 48°F 7.06 in.