The best way to get to and from Lompico is to use one of the existing transportation routes. There are local buses, vanpools and carpools already established to make your commute easier. If you'd like to do all the driving yourself, then our Map & Directions section is worth exploring.

Local Buses

Thanks to the hard work of the Lompico Community Center, Lompico has its own dedicated school bus service that transports our children to and from school and a small metro bus that anyone can take to downtown Felton. All local buses pickup and drop off at the Lompico Bus Stop in front of Lompico Park. In addition, there's also the Highway 17 Express Bus that can take you to Silicon Valley.

Join a Vanpool

If you commute to San Jose or Palo Alto everyday, please consider joining a vanpool. They're easy to join existing ones or start a new one. In fact, if you do start a new vanpool, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission will reward you with a $300 incentive. Learn more about Vanpooling at the web site.

Carpool with a Neighbor

Carpooling with one of your neighbors is the best way to get to and from work. Not only do you cut your drive time in half, but you also get to spend time getting to know your neighbors.