About Lompico

Of all the places to live in and around Silicon Valley, only Lompico has so much to offer, for so little money.

Located at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains in North Santa Cruz County, this truly unique community has the best quality of life for you and your children of all of the Bay Area. The community is located in a 100 year old coast redwood forest, nestled around the scenic Lompico Creek, with the largest lake in all of Santa Cruz County on its Western side and a quaint, smaller lake on its Eastern side. Two parks within Lompico provide the perfect setting for weekend picnics, fishing trips, kayaking and miles of hiking and running trails.

Safe, quiet streets, relaxing redwood groves, lots of property, watching beautiful sunsets over Loch Lomond Lake and being able to see every star in the sky at night are some of the resounding characteristics of Lompico.

Lompico has truly retained the rural charm that is quickly disappearing throughout the rest of California.

Shopping, Restaurants & Entertainment

A five minute drive from Lompico brings you to downtown Felton where coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, your local church and Roaring Camp Railroad await you. From Felton, five minutes down the road brings you to Scotts Valley where you can catch a movie, do lots of shopping or visit your local bank. From Felton, you can also drive ten minutes down the road to Santa Cruz where more movie theaters, museums, live theater, the famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk and plenty beautiful beaches await.

A Relaxing Daily Commute

The commute to Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley is through gorgeous redwood forests, not miles of ugly building like the commute from Gilroy or Pleasanton. While your coworkers complain about the miles of bumper to bumper traffic they had to snarl their way through to get to work this morning, you can tell them about the family of deer you saw drinking from the creek near your house. From Lompico, Scotts Valley and Highway 17 are minutes away, Santa Cruz is 8 miles away and Silicon Valley is only 25 miles away.

Best School District in Santa Cruz County

Lompico is located within the San Lorenzo Valley School District which has been rated the best out of all other school districts in Santa Cruz County. The school district offers K-12 education and has received many accolades, such as being recognized as a California Distinguished School and a Blue Ribbon School, for its high quality education.

A Wealth of History

Lompico has a fascinating history that spans back hundreds of years to when the Zayante Indians were the only people in the area. They saw the natural beauty of the area and revered it for all it had to offer. When Lompico was officially created in 1927, most of the owners were the wealthy of San Francisco that would travel down to Lompico to spend time with their families in their summer homes. In the 1960s, Lompico again gained notoriety as it took center stage to the hippy generation as famous performers such as Jerry Garcia, of the Grateful Dead, and Janis Joplin sought musical inspiration in the redwood forests around Lompico Creek. These days, Lompico is home to high-tech Silicon Valley workers that enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the relaxing commute.

Lompico's Natural Habitat

Lompico is dominated by the beautiful Lompico Creek, a 100 year old coastal redwood forest and Loch Lomond Lake.

Lompico Creek is a protected creek that provides fresh drinking water to all of Lompico. While most people buy bottles of spring water at $2 a bottle at their local grocery store, residents of Lompico have it brought directly into their homes for a fraction of the price. Not only does Lompico Creek provide the freshest drinking water in all of the Bay Area, it also provides Lompico with miles of beautiful creek settings that are ideal for morning and afternoon runs, walks and bike rides.

Surrounding Lompico Creek is a large Coastal Redwood forest. Coastal Redwoods are the tallest species of tree in the world. Their brownish, stringy bark is fire resistant. Douglas fir are interspersed within the forest, often reaching impressive size. The Redwood forest also includes pockets of tanbark oak - with their large acorns; madrone - with their red peeling bark; and live oak - with their small prickly leaves.

Throughout Lompico and along the Loch Lomond Lake, you will also find sword fern, bracken fern, and coast wood fern. These ferns thrive under the forest canopy along with redwood sorrel and two-eyed violets. Wild blackberry, honeysuckle, and vetch provide food for the animals in sunny areas. Be sure to spend at least one day every summer picking local blackberries with your kids.